PRO AV ceiling mount (short)

The OCMPROS is a heavy-duty projector ceiling mount for use with the Optoma ZU650/650+/850/1050 range of projectors. Using this mount, you can easily tilt, rotate and swivel the projector thanks to its ball joint type adjustment.

The OCMPROS provides adjustment length between 450 ~ 700mm, and if a shorter mount is required it can be cut to 253mm. The mount features safety eyebolts and is electrically insulated (ideal when mounting from truss), a 25mm cable duct is also provided.

For truss mounting with this product the OCMPROCLAMP trigger clamp attachment is available separately.

€ 502,15
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Ceiling mount for ZU650/650+/850/1050
450 ~ 700 mm (can be shortened to 253mm)
360° rotation & + 20° ~ -20° tilt
Safety eyebolt mounts, 25mm cable duct, electrically insulated


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