4500 ansi-lumen, 15.000 contrast, 1280 x 800 pixels 16:10, ECO+ tot 7000 lampuren, Full 3D

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Optoma W401

Optoma W401

4500 ansi-lumen, 15.000 contrast, 1280 x 800 pixels 16:10, ECO+ tot 7000 lampuren, Full 3D

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Bringing Widescreen projection to life
  • WXGA - 4500 Lumens, Ideal for Widescreen HD in larger rooms
  • Up to 7000h lamp life with Eco+
  • Premium network monitor & control - Crestron Roomview support
  • Full 3D and 16W speaker
Projecting in boardrooms, lecture theaters or meeting rooms with the exceptionally bright 4500 ANSI Lumens. Installed or on the move with the included carry bag the versatile W401 incorporates Full 3D technology, powerful 16W stereo audio and extensive connectivity. It also has advanced networking capabilities including crestron roomview, Telnet and PJ Link for ultimate control.

The environmentally friendly W401 has energy saving features including Eco+ and auto power off which help save you both time and money. Our unique Optoma Colour guarantee, combined with an astonishing 7000 hours lamp life ensure hassle-free, long-lasting projection for years to come.

Green Solutions

Eco+ technology from Optoma increases our commitment to reducing the impact we all make on the environment.

Eco+ Mode

Saving energy saves money! Eco+ technology reduces the power consumption to as little as 30%. This intelligent feature also has a positive effect on the lamp life, increasing it up to 70% while lowering the total cost of ownership and reducing maintenance.
Power Consumption
Bright mode
Dynamic mode
Eco+ mode
Dynamically adjusts the brightness and power consumption
Bright scene
~ 100% power consumption
Dark scene
~ 30% power consumption

Auto Power Off

There may be instances when the projector is left running when not in use. To help save energy if the projector is left running and no source is detected, the "Auto Power Off" feature automatically turns off the projector after a set period of time.

Eco AV Mute

Stay in control of your presentation with the Eco AV mute feature. Direct your audience's attention away from the screen by blanking the image when no longer needed. This also instantly reduces the power consumption to 30%, further prolonging the life of your lamp.
Eco AV mute off
100% power consumption
Eco AV mute on
30% power consumption

RS232 Control

RS232 Compatibility - The X401 comes with an extensive RS232 command set making it simple and easy to control with any control system.

AMX Compatibility - Dynamic Discovery protocol is incorporated into the W401. This feature allows for easy installation with AMX control systems.


The W401 has an wide range of network options to remotely control and monitor the projector. These include Crestron, Telnet and PJLink.

Crestron RoomView®

RoomView® software provides a custom configurable interface to power ON/OFF, monitor, manage and control up to 250 projectors at the same time from any computer.
  • Schedule the projectors to power ON/OFF saving time, money and extending the life of the lamp.
  • Control and alter the projector settings using a simple web browser page including menu control.
  • Emergency text broadcast capabilities for urgent or important announcements.
  • Reduce maintenance time by automatically receiving emails for lamp replacements.
Download Crestron RoomView® Express software from: www.crestron.com/getroomview

Clear, Focused Images

DarkChip3™ technology from Texas Instruments combined with Eco+ produces a stunning 15,000:1 contrast ratio for pin sharp graphics and crystal clear text. Crisper whites, ultra-rich blacks makes images come alive and text easier to read - ideal for business and education presentations.

2000:1 contrast ratio
15,000:1 contrast ratio

Rapid Off

It takes less than 10 seconds for the projector to power up and shutdown, saving both time and energy.

Quick Resume

Save time by not waiting for the projector to cool down before it can power up again. If the projector is accidentally turned off, this feature allows the projector to be instantly powered on again, if selected within a period of 100 seconds.

instant on (within 100ms)

Full 3D

Using the inherent speed of DLP technology, The Optoma W401 Full 3D projector can display true 3D content form almost any 3D display device, including 3D Blu-ray, PS3, Xbox and Sky3D.

Amazing Colours

The W401 incorporates BrilliantColor™ technology to produce stunningly bright images with perfectly balanced life-like colours.

Wireless Presenting (optional extra)

Making presentations couldn't be easier using the optional wireless features of the W401. Using the Wireless Adapter (sold separately) you can connect and display presentations and video material wirelessly from a laptop, PC or mobile device.

USB Remote Mouse and Laser

Control your presentation with dedicated left and right click mouse buttons on the included remote control. You can also point to things on the screen without having to stand in front of the projected image with the built in laser pointer (USB cable required).
USB Mouse

Audio Capability

Built-in 16W stereo audio offers excellent sound. The W401 is easy to set up without the need for costly external speakers.

Colour Guarantee

We are so confident that the W401 image colour quality will remain as good as the day you bought it that Optoma will guarantee it for five years.

Environmentally Friendly

To achieve the maximum 7000hrs[2] lamp life, the projector should be operating in Eco+ mode and the auto power off feature should be enabled to automatically switch off the projector if it is accidentally left on. Enabling the <0.5W standby mode ensures the minimum energy consumption when the projector is not switched on.
We know that improving our products is the best way to reduce our impact on the environment. That's why at Optoma we design our products to have a long usable life, use fewer materials, ship with the minimum packaging and be free of all possible toxic substances. Naturally, energy efficiency and being recyclable are built in at the design stage. With each new product, we strive towards minimising our environmental impact.

Easy to use remote control

W401 Remote Control
  1. Power
  2. Mouse select
  3. Source
  4. Re-sync
  5. Left mouse click
  6. Right mouse click
  7. Mouse control
  8. Laser
  9. Page up/down control
  10. Vertical keystone correction
  11. Volume control
  12. Brightness
  13. Menu
  14. Direct input source select
  15. Eco AV mute
  16. Eco+
  17. 3D control
W401 Connections
  1. RJ45
  2. USB (Remote Mouse)
  3. HDMI
  4. VGA 1
  5. VGA Out
  6. Video
  7. 3D-Sync
  8. Audio Out
  9. +12V Trigger
  10. VGA 2
  11. RS232 - 9 Pin
  12. Audio In - Video
  13. Audio In - VGA 2
  14. Audio In - VGA 1
  15. Kensington Lock
Exceptional Connectivity / Multiple Terminals
W401 Projection Distance 1.2 - 10m (16:10 Aspect r atio)
Projection Distance (m) Max. Horizontal Image Size (m) Min. Horizontal Image Size (m) Max. Vertical Image Size (m) Min. Vertical Image Size (m) Max Diagonal Image Size (m) Max Diagonal Image Size (inch) Max. Image Offset (m)
1.20 0.75 0.63 0.56 0.47 0.94 36.94 0.08
2.00 1.25 1.04 0.94 0.78 1.56 61.57 0.14
2.50 1.56 1.30 1.17 0.98 1.95 76.96 0.18
3.00 1.88 1.56 1.41 1.17 2.35 92.36 0.21
4.00 2.50 2.08 1.88 1.57 3.13 123.14 0.28
5.00 3.13 2.60 2.35 1.96 3.91 153.93 0.35
6.00 3.75 3.13 2.82 2.35 4.69 184.71 0.42
7.00 4.38 3.65 3.29 2.74 5.47 215.50 0.49
8.00 5.00 4.17 3.76 3.13 6.26 246.29 0.56
9.00 5.63 4.69 4.23 3.52 7.04 277.07 0.63
10.00 6.25 5.21 4.70 3.92 7.82 307.86 0.70
11.00 6.88 5.73 5.17 4.31 8.60 338.64 0.78
12.00 7.50 6.25 5.64 4.70 9.38 369.43 0.85