Optoma HD600X-LV Home Cinema projector

De Optoma HD600X-LV is de perfecte Home Cinema projector!

Met een lichtopbrengst van 2500 ansi-lumen en een 3000:1 contrast is deze projector zelfs overdag prima te gebruiken.

Ook geschikt voor gaming!


  • 3D Compatible
  • HD Ready resolutie
  • 2500 Ansi-lumen
  • 3000:1 Contrast


Most movies are shot at 24 frames per second. To preserve the purity of the original image the HD600X-LV can accept High Definition sources at 24 frames per second and so to display movies exactly as the director intended.
Supersized Image

With a blinding 2500 ANSI Lumens you can use this extra power for an extra large screen. If you like your image big, the HD600X-LV makes them as big as they get! Home Cinema with a 5m screen is an awe-inspiring experience of truly phenomenal proportions.
Integrated Audio

With its punchy on-board speaker, the HD600X-LV is the perfect solution for portable gaming or impromptu film screenings at a friend’s house. Feel every explosion like you are part of the action! – Easily hook it up to external speakers to add that extra rumble; essential for the greatest home cinema experience.
Lights on Entertainment

The HD600X-LV produces fantastic images even when the lights are on. Designed to be used in the same way as your conventional TV, the high brightness HD600X-LV can be used for television and film watching or playing the latest motion-controlled games without even dimming the lights.