Heldere projectie – 2800 ANSI Lumens
SVGA (800x600) resolutie, 13,000:1 contrast ratio, HDMI input.
Tot 10,000 uur lamp duur
Licht en mobiel!

€ 247,11
Inclusief belasting

Ideal for use in a meeting room or classroom, the DS330 has a bright 2800L and 13,000:1 contrast allowing you to project bright, crystal clear images with superb colours using DLP® and BrilliantColor™ technologies. Incredible lamp life of up to 10,000 hours combined with Eco+ technology provides energy and money saving features. Installed or on the move, the versatile DS330 incorporates HDMI, built in speaker, Full 3D technology and optional wireless capabilities that are easy to use.