Projectiescherm 123 inch, 16:10 met ETT

Nieuw 123 inch projectiescherm van Optoma in 16:10 verhouding. Elektrisch bedienbaar doormiddel van een schakelaar, relais (12V) of IR afstandsbediening.

Het ETT (Electric Tab Tension) is een uniek spanning aanpassings systeem dat het schermoppervlak gespannen houd op ieder punt om een perfect beeld te garanderen.

Wordt standaard geleverd met IR afstandsbediening, 10m kabel voor projector link (scherm wordt aangestuurd door projector) en voedingskabel.





Type Tab Tension
Format 16:10
Gain 1.0
Screen Material PS HD Flexible Fabric Matte white
Diagonal Viewing (inch) 123
Black Border R & L (mm) 80
Black Border Bottom (mm) 55
Black Border Top (mm) 400
Weight (Kgs) 20.7
Case Dimensions (Including Bracket) 3142 x 160 x 155
Carton Size 3544 x 215 x 215

Screen Image and Adjustment Image

Features aluminium casing with innovative sliding installation system, an integrated control system that allows the screen to be fully customisable and gives the user a variety of control options.

Sliding Installation System

Optoma Electric screens feature one of the best mounting systems on the market. Two small L-shaped brackets fit to the wall or ceiling anywhere along the length of the case. Once the screen is clipped into the brackets an alumninium level secures it in position. The aluminium white case has an elegant curved profile making it one of the nicest-looking screens on the market. The rigid, sturdy design keeps the internal roller perfectly straight and any motor noise to a minimum.

Built-in infra-red remote control and projector trigger

All our 16:10 ETT electric screens feature built-in infra-red remote control and come with a simple hand held remote. The IR receiver is located on the front of the curved case but should the screen be installed behind a pelmet, or recessed into the ceiling, a small external IR eye is included. Also included is a 12 volt trigger input; this allows the screen to be activated from any projector or AV control system with a 12 volt output.